Thank you, I am very happy to get it in time, and it was a surprise for me to find a nice bonus inside the parcel – the Schneider marker. I think, it will be a great birthday present for my friend 🙂 You, guys, create OUTSTANDING goods.
Dinara Freelancer
Alexey Perezhogin
Hi, just got your pad. I’ve already made some sketches. The only thing that I didn’t like are sheets, they are getting spoiled quickly if you use pen instead of pencil. Great design, I like the layouts and extra fields for additional info.
Alexey Perezhogin Sly Lamb
Alexander Deshko
Sketchpad is very good, especially for sketching, you can easily make records and it is suitable due to markings on pages. The shape is simple and convenient. I have just started finding myself in web design, your sketchpad is useful tool.
Alexander Deshko Freelancer
Rostislav Cebatenko
Great sketching pad! Good quality. I was lucky to get some extras with my parcel – the Schneider maxx 220s marker. I live in Ukraine, but it took them only one week to deliver their goods. Also thanks for FREE shipping. Well done!
Rostislav Cebatenko Freelancer
Vitaliy Zamedyanskiy
Advantages: – I liked the quality of the plastic cover – size (easy to bring it anywhere) Disadvantage: – I wanted to see my logo on the cover, but it is possible if you are ordering a large batch. In general, I am satisfied. Thanks =)
Vitaliy Zamedyanskiy DeyZa Studio