Windows Phone Paperback

$20.00 $15.00

This reliable work companion is ideal for UX designer’s day to day work.

ONAPKIN Windows Phone Sketchpad has minimalistic white paper cover and white metal spiral. Inside you will find 75 pages of paper with different devices silhouettes and 2 pixel dot grid of light grey ink.

It has white paper cover and its violet color of cover text is an official Windows Phone logo color. It allows you to distinguish Windows Phone sketchpad from other ONAPKINs. Double side pages gives you all the space to create up to 300 interface design sketches and keep them all in one place and 2 pixel dot grid lets you create both fast and detailed interface idea sketches. This sketchpad style is perfect for seeing two sketches at a glance and is the essential piece of the new interface design.


  • 75 pages
  • 300 Windows Phone layouts
  • Printing on both sides
  • 5.83 x 8.27 inches – A5
  • 2 pixels dot grid
  • Paper cover
  • Double-O Wiring spiral